Seeds of Intention - Mini Intention Card Deck

Inspirational/Motivational/New Age

May You Know Joy Inc · Digital Market


The Seeds of Intention mini deck includes 42 cards. Each card offers a simple intention "for today". These cards are designed to nudge us into our most intentional living one simple step at a time. These cards are popular with people exploring mindfulness and cultivating new daily practices. Often, people choose a card in the morning and have it inspire their day. They are also used to inspire practices including yoga, meditation, journalling and mindfulness. They are retailed at spas, wellness centres, meditation centres, yoga studios, bookstores, housewares and gifting shops. But, they're also found in on work desks and in yoga bags. These cards are also available in gift sets (with other intention setting accessories). The card decks are also popular for gifting and subscription boxes.
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