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We have several types of skin creams, each with different formulas and characteristics. Our "basic" creams are called "Face Cream" and "Cypress & Pine Cream." These two are for normal to oily skin; are fast-absorbing; have the lowest level of moisturizer. They can be used as an all-day/all-night cream. Next is the multi-purpose "Complexion Cream," which comes in an upscale acrylic jar, and contains more moisturizing agents than the basic Face Creams. Complexion Cream is our best-selling cream; and is perfect for dry (or "mature") skin. The Complexion Cream also contains a light sunscreen. Finally, our "Supreme Cream" is the richest formula of all products made by Seafoam Lavender. It is especially helpful for very dry patches, like knuckles, elbows, backs-of-heels, and eczema. The Supreme Cream can also be applied as a night cream. All creams come in two sizes -- the smaller size is especially popular with office workers, airline travelers, to pop in a gym bag, etc. (40 g / 1.4 oz jar)
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