Disinfectant dispenser (Push type) - square/globe bottle

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・Necessary for disinfection, a part of our daily life now. Place a tissue or other material on top, and with one hand, simply push and wipe to proceed to disinfection. This way, you can keep your table clean by sterilizing it. You can also sterilize doorknobs, switches, and other objects and places that matter for you in the house. ・This shower bottle is compatible with commercially available alcohol-based (ethanol) and chlorine-based (sodium hypochlorite) disinfectants for hands disinfection purpose. Gel-type disinfectants cannot be used in this bottle. ・Made of porcelain, it is said to be more resistant than semi-porcelain and earthenware. Thinly molded, it brings a light and refreshing feel to the pure-white shower bottle. It has almost no absorption power and has an excellent durability. ・This glossy-feel white porcelain shower bottle will match any interior thanks to its simple yet adorable design. ・This square-shaped bottle is easy to use and to store. It has a clean look, even when used side by side. Its bottom has a non-slip silicone, which will erase any worry about it slipping off and it will prevent damage as well. ・Made in Japan, in Gifu Prefecture, Toki city: the famous ceramic production location. ・2 shapes : square shape / globe shape ・Capacity 300 ml (square), 350ml (globe)
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