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Our goal is to bring the Brazilian tropical feel to the US by selling ethically sourced and sustainable products. 

We want to bring the tropical atmosphere beyond  summer days, and we found in fashion and decor a way to make it a reality, making our style full of colorful prints, natural materials, and fluid modeling. For the wardrobe, we bring comfort and versatile pieces full of colorful printed garments that match a modern lifestyle, and make the tropical mood happen all over the seasons. For the home, the tropical mood comes with hammocks, tropical printed pillows and linen, and other natural and colourful products. 

More than curating tropical fashion and decor products, we source from ethical and sustainable small businesses to build a positive impact through our supply chain. Our partners  are mostly women, with brown and dark skin and mothers, many living with few sources of income, and all full of talent and creativity. 

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