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Work with natural materials. Amid the denseness of Kotagede, which is remembered for its silver-processed products, the dream is to explore the idea of crafting with minimal hazardous waste, growing and giving it a different color. In November 2015, Bambang Prijono decided to carve out a new nuance. That foresight and accuracy can be born not only through metal but also from the natural wealth of the archipelago.

Carrying the breath of "environmentally friendly" at every stage of its production, Base Artisan uses a lot of rattan as basic material. Rattan is a non-timber forest product with high economic value. Using it also means supporting communities that depend on forest resources.

When experimentation meets simplicity; the nuance is thick in each of their works. Through the story of the earth brought by rattan, natural fibers, and cowhide, Base Artisan weaves and actualizes his creative ideas, so that they can join the Japanese market.

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