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La Premia Beer and Wine Products are the perfect gift for those who love beer and wine! Great as party favors, holiday gifts, etc. These haircare products are not only a fun gift for your friends and family, they also contain natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. It contains raspberry, rose hip, cranberry, cornus, acerola, schisandra, vitamin B5, and panthenol. The vitamin B5 is added to reduce hair tangling after drying as it supplies moisture and nutrients to the hair to keep it strong and healthy. The fruits and berries we use in our formula provides vitamins and nutrition to your hair and scalp for healthy and hydrated hair. 

La Premia offers unique and never seen before products that people will love as gifts and even everyday use! We are the first to have shampoo and conditioners that look like actual beer and wine bottles which none of our competitors have. We also have natural ingredients that greatly enhance the experience of the consumer. Our shampoo and conditioner hydrates and strengthens your hair to create a lasting effect.

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