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Dash of Pep creates unique apparel, accessories, and stationery promoting mental health, self-expression, and empowerment. Our goal is to celebrate the nuance of being human. We want to support you on your bad days, boost your good days, and acknowledge the vast array of emotions and experiences in between.

Some designs shout mental health messages from the rooftops, while other products hide secret meanings in prints and motifs, just in case that customer doesn't feel comfortable being publicly vulnerable. We got you, boo. Every product with a hidden message comes with an illustrated explanation card.

Own your special flavor of you. Embrace the snort laugh, ugly cry, and emote without worrying about a double chin. Flaunt your stuff. Be kind to yourself and others. You're doing such a great job being a human.

We hope we can add some pep to your unique journey in the world.

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