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Company Limited was founded in 1981. E-LINK has been manufacturing plastic material by creating molds for a variety of boxes for thirty years. 

All boxes have different functions and designs. At the present, there are 200 staffs working in the factory in China and Taiwan.  

In 1999, E-LINK decided to form its own reserch and develop department,
Since then, E-link has been manufacturing products of which are designed by itsdesigners. 

With E-LINK'S experience of manufacturing , plus the creativity of the R&D department, E-LINK has been able to produce a line of boxes which are called Vanity Cases. 

These Vanity Cases are high in demand in both local and foreign markets, In addition , products like pill box and multi-usage box are also high in demand.  

With 40 years of experience, E-LINK is a reliable company that has the ability to construct high-quality products. It is continously developing new
designs and providing the best service for its customers. 

Even better, E-LINK uphold professionalsm, and continue to challenge the limits of technology and product development to create the largest success and beneficial ofr customers.  

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