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Cards by Dé is a worker-owned cooperative based in NYC, that creates handmade stationery. We provide crafting spaces and services that are grounded in racial, healing, and social justice.


We envision a world where everyone puts their relationship to people and planet over profit. Where people have the opportunity to express themselves vulnerably and authentically.

Values in Action 

  • Healing Justice: We believe in showing up as your whole self and being able to speak on it.  
  • Environmental Justice: We use eco-friendly materials. 
  • Creativity: We strive to have and create innovative ideas, products, and methods. 
  • Community Building: We seek to create braver spaces that cultivate deeper relationships. 
  • Gender & Racial Justice: We center the work, voices, and experiences of Black folks and highlight and prioritize trans folks, women, and femmes.
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