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We create a variety of Chilean bags and accessories from an excellent selection of plastic and textile waste generated by companies and people from the O'Higgins and Metropolitan region, combined with compostable natural jute fiber fabric.

 Our bags are designed for those people who are interested in environmental problems and through them are collaborating and promoting the Circular Economy and local and transparent production. Each product is handmade by women who are in vulnerable situations.

 We source reused plastics and textiles from companies and individuals. We found use for all those leftovers, otherwise they might have ended up in a landfill. Unlike mass production, our pieces are works of art with individual identities, so each bag is different. Our designs are captivating and always put the user in the center of attention.

An authentic line where each bag is made up of 75% and 80% recycled material.

It is not a simple bag, it is a coherent bag that generates responsible consumption so that you can make a difference.

And you still don't have your MY WAY BAG?

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