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Casa Kiro is a small company woman owned by Vania Ruiz and founded in 2010, in Viña del Mar, Chile. We create small and colorful worlds, inspired by color, nature, popular culture and local stories that as Latin Americans we share, transmitting love, beauty, complicity and surprise. 

Each jewel is a careful composition of colors and elements preserved in resin and structured in silver, creating small worlds, inspired by nature, color and organic forms.  Epoxy resin is a very versatile material that  allows us to work on volume, color, transparency, lightness, coating, embedding, and preserving. 

Our work is slow and meticulous. Each piece follows several steps before becoming a final product: we start by handmaking the molds, then pour a first layer of resin, then draw and hand paint. Once set, we pour some other layers of resin, embed silver parts, maybe even hand paint again in between. After the piece is cured, we demold, polish, add components and do the final finishing.  

Behind Casa Kiro there is a team of 3 working women.  We believe in kindness, commitment and creativity and hope to bring joy through our work.  


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