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Our linesheets are available in PDFs to download by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page in Documents. For wholesale ordering, email a list of items you'd like with the name of your store and contact information. Please call for more details about the line and help with placing an order. T- 310-963-7305

Email - danielle@daniellewelmond.com  

Our order minimum is $500 

Danielle Welmond's Jewelry is inspired by the beauty of colorful gemstones and shapes in design. She developed a style of jewelry using an ancient weaving technique with which she could create curves and lines with thread and gemstones. So impassioned by this technique, she designed an endless repertoire of jewelry. The love for the textures and shapes in her woven designs led her to also create a fine jewelry collection combining the art of the weaver and the metalsmith.

Her jewelry is created in her studios in Los Angeles and San Francisco and sold worldwide.


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