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We are THE GLORY DAYS CO. We are committed  to encouraging families who are loving and raising children with a disability and or medical complexities. We provide organizational tools and merchandise that will aid families in the day-to-day.

Our daughter’s Down syndrome diagnosis  at birth has etched deep grooves into our hearts. Our personal experience inspired organizational tools that aid families in the day-to-day. Our signature product, The Glory Days Daily Planner was designed with the special needs parent in mind. Each page intentionally provides space for everyday life, as well as space to plan for medical appointments, intervention therapies, meetings, and much more. 

1 in 6 children have been diagnosed with a developmetal disability in the U.S. In 2019 2.6 million households had at least one child in the home with a disability. What these families do everyday to support the ones they love has great value, we bealive they deserve to have beautiful intentionally designed products that help them in the role they've been called to. 

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