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Our mission began with the common interest of mental well-being and the thought that there is no better place to start than within our families, as they make up our communities. We started E.L.O. with inspiration from our own life experiences and through observing others around us. We found a few things to be constant, the importance of our mindset and the impact that our thought process has over our everyday decisions. We saw how crippled we as humans can become without the right mental health tools. 

We hope that through educating parents and children, and introducing to them the importance of mental resilience and a positive mindset that our products are able to instill adaptable habits which become the foundation of their mental well-being. Our goal is to provide our children with the right coping skills to navigate life with a growth mindset, empathy, and resilience. 

All of us harness the power to change our thought patterns, and through strengthening our mental 'muscles', we are better equipped to navigate and cope with our feelings, emotions, and reactions. 

As a company we will continue to design and provide products that can empower and support families to help build resiliency and the a tool kit to better navigate life’s adversities.

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