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(re)ˣ was born from the desire to reduce the world’s consumer footprint, starting with single-use plastics. While it’s nearly impossible not to consume at least some plastic products, we wanted to find options for everyday items and turn them into an opportunity to take plastic out of the environment and ultimately eliminate the need for new plastic altogether. 

We’ve been a part of the fashion industry for a while. Paulina Quintana was an international children’s clothing brand for 13 years! We grew tired of seeing endless amounts of plastic being generated and discarded in the form of easy to break and hard to recycle hangers made from new plastic. The problem is big and it's only getting bigger. 

We developed a relationship with our manufacturing partners prior to this project based on a similar mindset of “earth first.” Oliver at Ocean Plastic Technologies is dedicated to caring for the planet through their sourcing, manufacturing processes and procedures, and educating villages across South Africa the importance of recycling.  This ethos gave us the perfect partner to launch this project. At every turn Oliver constantly confirms his commitment to our shared goal of reducing ocean plastic waste and empowering people to realize the benefit of a clean environment.

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