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 Premium quality pieces for home and lifestyle that bring sound design, fine craftsmanship, and aesthetic principles to the fore.

Design Philippines  is a design movement that positions the country as the top sourcing destination in Asia for premium quality pieces for home and lifestyle. Our masterful way of infusing traditional crafts with innovative and unique material manipulation nurtures and celebrates the creativity and originality of the globally competitive and passionate community of Filipino designers and craftsmen. Discover more at, the home of Design Philippines. 

Companies under the Design Philippines Home:   

Klassy Collections and Designs Co. (KCDC) was established in 1995. With its 25-year existence, it is now considered as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of authentic specially handcrafted Christmas items and all-seasoned gift item collections.

Using materials that are indigenous to and most commonly found in the Philippines—like the abaca and buri fiber—Klassy Collections is a source of Pinoy pride, as their holiday-appropriate and timeless-looking home décor appeal to a global audience. Innovating is one thing, sustaining interest in the all-too-familiar creations is another; this brand manages to strike a balance in that respect. It crafts objects of nostalgia but delivers unique and fresh takes on these seasonal décor staples.    

LIJA (lē-hä) to sand, to refine: is a contemporary lighting and furniture brand that highlights the creative use of natural materials, refined into distinctive, stellar designs.  

We create unique and well-crafted handmade pieces that complement the contemporary lifestyle of our clients. Together with our artisans and designers, we eagerly explore the capabilities and expressions of natural materials.  

Now more than ever, we recognize the immense responsibility of each entrepreneur towards our local communities by providing employment and promoting the use of indigenous materials. 

LIJA has always championed the Filipino first mindset, and we will continue to do so especially in more challenging times. 

LIJA draws strength from the diversity and shared vision and values of fellow micro-entrepreneurs, always conscious of the fact that the true essence of business is in the way it influences and shapes future generations.     

The Tagolwanen Women Weavers Association, Inc. (TWWA, Inc.) .) is a non-stock, nonprofit organization that aims to revive the vanishing weaving tradition of the Tagoloanen tribe, and to ensure that the mat making tradition is transmitted to the next generation. The organization envisions the promotion of indigenous arts to help the Tagolwanen Women Weavers achieve economic independence and contribute to the assertion of their right to self-determination. The association currently has 80 active Tagolwanen women weaver members from six (6) barangays of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines. It was founded on May 2012 by Lorie “Amihan” Rago-Marte and registered with the Security and Exchange Commission on February 19, 2016. ​

The association has a marketing arm, the TWWA Enterprise. The TWWA Enterprise is a social enterprise that helps sustain the association by taking charge of marketing, as well as managing the business transactions of the association.  TWWA Enterprise pays weavers for their products upfront, and distributes an annual profit sharing to the weavers at the end of the year. It is registered in the Department of Trade and Industry and has a permit to operate in the trading of products, granted by the City of Malaybalay.  

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