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Premium quality pieces for  fashion that bring sound design, fine craftsmanship, and aesthetic principles to the fore.

Fashion Philippines  is a design movement that positions the country as the top sourcing destination in Asia for premium quality pieces for fashion. Our masterful way of infusing traditional crafts with innovative and unique material manipulation nurtures and celebrates the creativity and originality of the globally competitive and passionate community of Filipino designers and craftsmen. Discover more at, the home of Fashion Philippines.  

Companies under Fashion Philippines:   

  • Jhaz

Jhaz is a footwear company based in Liliw, Laguna, Philippines known for its comfortable, durable, fashionable, and affordable shoes which was established by Nephtali and Elvie Moneda in 2004. 

The business started from just borrowing shoe stocks from friends and reselling them to different provinces around the country. The income generated were used to support their growing family, but they made sure to save, enabling them to open their own shoe stall at a then bakery stand. 

The success they reaped from hard work and smart ventures rippled in their community. Aside from employing 20 people in their factory, they also support households composed of 90-100 individuals who handle their abaca braiding, embroidery and other side jobs they can offer.     

  • Virtucio

Captivating others with vibrant, expressive and attractive style of design, Virtucio, a home grown jewelry business from the islan of Bohol, shows how fashion and accessories can be more than just a piece of art and expression.

Founded by Christine Virtucio, proud and charming true-blue Boholana, her story inspires everyone who aspires to excel in their chosen field of expertise. She only once dreamt to make it to the Manila FAME. However, the burning passion has earned her a well-deserved KATHA Award, lifting her to join the ranks of the many other skilled artisans that are honored by the DTI and CITEM.

The brand's signature style include colorful upcycled plastic grocery bags from local malls households and laundry shops which are cut to pieces, pressed and melted to achieve a colorful, mosaic-like effect that is complemented by brass framing.


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