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Midwest based jewelry designer Heidi Hale has been creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry for over eighteen years. In 2015, Heidi and her husband launched They opened their studio in Muncie, Indiana and employee over twenty local artists. Initially, Heidi and her team focused on personalized jewelry, offering original sterling silver and gold-filled designs. Heidi’s unique approach to creating meaningful jewelry, quickly launched her to the forefront of the personalized jewelry industry. Taking a loved one’s handwriting and engraving it on jewelry had been done before, but Heidi wanted to create pieces that were unique and would last an eternity. Her pieces are heirlooms that can be passed down through generations. These pieces are so much more than jewelry, it’s a connection to a loved one. Recently, Heidi began to focus on her first wholesale line. Her newest pieces tend to be more organic and last beyond current trends. Inspired by the natural world, she searches for the meaning in each piece and how it will inspire those who wear it. Her motive is to create perfect harmony between her pieces and the wearer. Heidi believes the meaning behind her designs is just as important as the design itself. The Joan of Arc Necklace reminds us that we each have the strength to conquer our fears. The Zen Moon Necklace reminds us to take deep breaths, relax and release all the day’s stress and chaos, to take time for yourself and close your eyes and breath.

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