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Melis Goral, an Istanbulite and a third-generation jeweler with a design degree from the Istituto Europeo Di Design, Milan.

Melis worked alongside her jeweler father in Istanbul, spending much of her time visiting the workshops of Grand Bazaar and learning about the craft from its source. Her unique bespoke designs led to developing and maintaining a loyal clientele.

In 2014 she took the initiative to turn her passion into a flourishing business, by establishing her own fine jewelry brand and opening her showroom in Bebek.

Melis Goral collections are authentic, bold, and alluring. She aspires to create pieces, which derive from her imagination and heritage; sourcing inspiration from a variety of influences such as art, architecture, cultures, travel, and ruminations.

Melis Goral’s family heritage allows her a richer understanding of the creative possibilities in the realm of jewelry making. She

uses various techniques and adorns her designs with an array of beautiful jewels, setting them all in either rose or white gold.

Her design aesthetic is an eloquent and contemporary take on the Art Deco movement.

Colored gemstones such as malachite, lapis lazuli, and black onyx are favorited for their ornamental splendor. Every single piece is tailor-cut and individually polished to highlight its unique pattern and natural allure. The most striking pieces among them are those featuring large custom-cut colorful gems placed amidst pavé diamonds, earning them a modern twist.

Collections are precisely treated by delicately molding, sculpting, chiseling, and polishing this most precious metal and

studying the correlation between light, depth, and reflection. The designs capture effortless beauty transcending time, by blending graceful romanticism and compelling symmetry.

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