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Lubin Paris is a historic fragrance house from France for women and men.
The House of Lubin was founded in 1798 by Pierre François Lubin (1774-1853). Lubin started as an apprentice of Jean-Louis Fargeon, the appointed perfumer to Queen Marie-Antoinette. He quickly became the perfumer of the sophisticated dandies after the French Revolution as well as the perfumer of the Imperial Court, supplying Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, the Empress Josephine and his sister, the Princess Borghese. Upon the return of the monarchy, Lubin reverted to being the perfumer of the Royal Court of France, serving Marie-Antoinette’s daughter, Duchess of Angouleme as well as the last Queen of France, Marie-Amelie. His talent and great reputation led him to become the official supplier to many European Royals such as King George IV of England and Tsar Alexander 1st of Russia

As early as 1805, Lubin set out to conquer the world, exporting to many countries, including the United States from 1830 on. Félix Prot, Pierre Francois Lubin’s favorite apprentice and spiritual heir, took over the Lubin House in 1844. The Prot family kept running the Lubin House for four generations, until the 1970s. Lubin was then successively sold to several industrial groups, causing its decline. The House was acquired in 2004 by a former Guerlain creative director, Gilles Thévenin, and two sons of Paul Prot, the last CEO of the Prot family. 

Lubin is an independent House, manufacturing exclusively in France. It is a semi-artisanal perfumery, that produces limited quantities, with the highest concern for quality and respect of traditions. Our perfumes reflect both Lubin’s historical heritage and our determination to stand as a House of contemporary creation.  

We are sold worldwide through a network of retail partners consisting of perfumeries, apothecaries, concept stores, clothing and accessory stores, spas, gift stores & lifestyle shops.  For many of our retail partners, we are the only fragrance brand represented.

We supply our North American market from a logistic center based in New Jersey and our office is located in New York City.

Since we are working with a variety of businesses, we do not have a minimum opening order.

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