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Giulia Letzi + META Jewelry is a mother-daughter owned brand, located in Arlington, VA and Brindisi, Italy. The brand features META Jewelry collection: effortless, everyday jewelry from upcycled bottles; and Giulia Letzi collection: scarves with impeccable craftsmanship of silks and merino wool. 

The META Jewelry collection was launched in 2018 with the mission to act on the billion tons of plastic that never reach a recycled state. We partner with coffee shops to upcycle bottles they use on a daily basis, salvaging them from ending in landfills and oceans. The pieces aspire to transform an unconventional material into everyday fine jewelry. We pair upcycled plastic with recycled 14k gold filled and sterling silver metals for durability and quality. Our designs are geometric, full of movement, and timeless. Our collections include pieces from classic whites to bold and electric colors. We create jewelry with a purpose and we believe that wearing a cause is fashionable.

Giulia Letzi, based with our Italian team, is a luxury collection of one-of-a-kind scarves, handcrafted with 100% natural materials of the utmost quality. We use the techniques of nuno felting and shibori felting, which allow merino wool to permanently intertwine with other natural fabrics by only using hot water, Marsiglia soap and intensive massaging. Pieces can take up to three days of manual labor. To learn more about the process, watch our LETZI Craftsmanship Video below! 

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