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Hebron Glass 

Hebron Glass refers to glass produced in Hebron as part of a flourishing art industry established in the city during Roman rule in Palestine. Hebron's Old City still contains a quarter named the "Glass-Blower Quarter" and Hebron glass continues to serve as a tourist attraction for the city. 

Recycled glass is the primary raw material used to make Hebron glass today. The precise production process is a trade secret maintained by the few Palestinian families who run the factories which continue to produce Hebron glass today, passed through generations by apprenticing children. 

Hebron Ceramics 

Hebron pottery was established during Roman rule in Palestine. Hebron pottery is a Hebron tradition that is centuries old. The artisans today produce the ceramic just like their parents and grand-parents and prior generations did before them.  

Ceramics serve as decorative, household wares for the storage, preparation, transport, and consumption of food, drink, and raw materials. Such items include water jugs, bread molds, fire pits, lamps, and stands for holding round vessels.  

All the glass and pottery are produced in a fair-trade environment with fair wages paid to the glass blowers. Promotion of sustainability and environmental concerns are ensured! 

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