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  • Local / Ethical manufacture & ECO production:Our products are made responsibly based on orders taken plus manufacturing in small runs which prevents excess inventory and damages. Many of our textiles are available only on a limited edition basis making them more covetable and less likely to be over produced. All our textile fabrications and garment production are done out of small cottage industry clusters and local handloom societies. Every garment is sewn with care in the studio of Atelier OM or at a small co-operative ethical tailoring unit run by ethical partners that support training & skill(through accredited Indian fashion schools) and foster employment for differently-abled women and men. We are committed to a semi bespoke design and co-op business model that is environmentally conscious and as socially responsible as possible. Our business evolves with our loyalty to our producers of fabrics and our designs aim for timelessness.

Atelier OM takes into account a wide range of material and social factors as well as the short and long term impacts of design on the world at large. We are committed to continually investigate, upgrade and employ in our production such practices that reduce water consumption, eliminate manufacturing waste and strive towards a closed-loop product life cycle.

  • HandMade: Each item is made by the hands of talented artisans who live and work with the faith that their craft may survive industrialism. We support their unique and essential livelihoods. In addition to helping local communities by honoring their artisanal skill, Atelier OM’s commitment to hand-spinning, hand-weaving natural dye techniques (which do not require electricity) in sustainable materials means there is little impact on the environment. This brand employs handwork finishing techniques by women’s artisan collectives across India. We have gainfully employed over 1000 people in our venture and hope that we may increase the livelihoods of each through our growth.

Each item purchased helps spinners, weavers, dyers, printers, seamstresses and finsihers to develop a sustainable income for themselves, their families and their communities. All our beautiful products are produced ethically and locally which likewise fosters responsible growth in India’s cottage industry based on Gandhian and micro-finance models.

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