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Adrienne Wong Art + Design has prioritized sustainable practices along with great design to create a product that values a small footprint on our planet. Our pillow covers are made with organic cotton in a heavy weight canvas, with low water printing and low batch or made-to-order production, which keeps our footprint low. All of our products are regionally produced and made in the USA. Pillows, table linens and pouches are made to order.  All products are proudly "Made in the USA". You can find limited edition journals and hand dyed shibori linens as well. Now sold through, a wholesale showroom. You can receive free shipping for 1 year, net 60 terms and $100. off first customer discounts.

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Adrienne Wong is a self taught pattern designer with a background in printmaking. Inspired by the soulfulness of vintage textiles and artistic techniques, these experimental patterns are translated to fabrics keeping the vision of the wet and dry ink variations of printmaking with intended imperfections of ink onto paper. The process is integral into the wabi sabi nature of the collections.

We value craftsmanship and sustainability and know your home is a sanctuary and are happy you have included our products into your lives. 

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