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Fair Trade.  Sustainable Materials.  Handmade. Purposeful Design.

Fibres of Life is a social entrepreneur project partnering with registered fair trade artisan groups in Nepal to produce products that combine progressive design with values.

We create a richly coloured line of modern wares from felted wool/natural leather, and now, organic cotton.  Thanks to the huge take-up of our unique dryer balls and all-wool dog bone toys, zero waste products are our emerging focus.  Ask now for custom designs.

Explore our line graphic handbags, backpacks, totes and our ‘organize’ line of tablet/laptop sleeves and mini organizers made from hand felted wool, and natural death & naturally tanned leather for a look and ethos like no other.  Edgy style with an integrity, traceability and impact to match.

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Fair Trade Values

  • Fibres of Life is a member of The Fair Trade Federation
  • Our product creation is done in partnership with registered fair trade associations in Nepal  (World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade Group Nepal).
  • We ensure a living wage is paid
  • We pay a premium on our product work done in Nepal that supports social and economic programs created by the artisans we work with.
  • We invest in long-term partnerships, capacity building and training.
  • Use of safe materials for the artisans is also core to our work.

Sustainable Materials and Production Processes

  • All natural wool – including a line of undyed wools
  • Our small batch dyeing uses azo-free dyes to ensure low toxicity (no carcinogens or heavy metals)
  • We work intentionally to employ artisans rather than machines - our felting completely hand done through wet felting
  • Our fair trade leather in our bags is both natural death of the animal (water buffalo or cow), and tanned naturally using indigenous herbs, water baths, and finished only with mustard oil.
  • Tailoring is done via our non-profit Nepali partners
  • All graphic design and hand printing done in our Nova Scotia studio.  We use only phlalate free inks in our printing processes.
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