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EMISARA is an eclectic jewelry and accessory brand led by
Olubunmi George, a visionary artist and creative who is driven by her keen
interest in fashion, music, youth empowerment and development.

Steeped in her father’s textile business from a very young
age, her love for fashion and accessories began early in her life. With a
strong entrepreneurial mindset, she started off by retailing jewelry from the Middle and Far East; however her desire to create original pieces rapidly transformed into a focus on the design and production of her own line of jewelry and accessories.

Working with gemstones, wood, fabric and other natural elements, she founded EMISARA and created her first collection in 2011.

Combining an urban West African background with her global
perspective, EMISARA designs can be described as ‘GLOCAL’, a term that Bunmi adapted to describe the uncommon and unexpected fusion of Nigeria's diverse culture and taste with global fashion and luxurious sensibilities. The result of this 'fusion' (further influenced by her
passion for music) are the uniquely beautiful pieces that the EMISARA brand is renowned for within the industry.

At the very core of the brand is Bunmi’s belief that all women are created equal but must express themselves according to their graces.
Each EMISARA piece is therefore designed to help women convey their distinctive and individual grace and beauty. Like a fine fragrance, the same piece worn by any number of different women will always communicate a unique and individual message about them. Hence the EMISARA slogan ‘Don’t say a word, just say something’.

Bunmi is dedicated not only to building a strong African
brand which produces accessories and jewelry that can compete with
international brands, but also to making them accessible and affordable, in line with EMISARA’s tagline – ‘affordable luxury’.

Working with skilled artisans in Nigeria and abroad, she remains
committed to creating eclectic and uniquely ‘glocal’ pieces that help
women make a statement with their accessories.

Bunmi is dedicated to loving God, her family and helping young people walk in their purpose.

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