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Crystal & Reiki infused wellness for all of your lifestyle needs. 

Crystal Wellness Company™ (cWc) is focused on creating human connection and learning moments through wellness experiences. The company marries Crystal & Reiki wellness, making it accessible for any lifestyle - whether you are a Corporate Executive, Teacher, Spiritual Novice or Wellness Aficionado. 

cWc strives to offer experiences and products that support you in living your best life. 

All crystals used in products, have been cleansed in ritual and infused with Reiki. Furthermore, we partner with suppliers who align with our ethos of sustainable and socially responsible practices and ethical sourcing. All fragrances and ingredients used in apothecary and candles are vegan, plant based, without parabens, sulfates or animal interferences. All products are hand made / hand poured.

We believe in equal rights and that all are welcome. We have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination and harassment of any kind, from anyone we engage with.

cWc has been featured in a variety of publications, including British Vogue. 

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