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At butter & me, we strongly believe that everyone deserves clean beauty, and all of us can enjoy using products that are simple in ingredients yet effective and efficient in giving us beautiful results like glowing, healthy skin.

In line with our tagline (“minimalist artisan selfcare”), butter & me practices the minimalist approach with the idea of “less is more”. Our plant-based products are derived from no more than five core ingredients in each product. Our products are also total-body and all-purpose; giving you the convenience of easy application from top to toe while you indulge in selfcare with butter & me.

Furthermore, zero waste packaging is part of our philosophy in practicing sustainability. We are also free of plastic usage: all of our products use 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging and 100% post-consumer recycled shipping materials. Designed to be travel-friendly, butter & me products are easy to carry around and convenient for your on-the-go lifestyle.  

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