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terima kasih kemBali means thank you, you're welcome, as an expression of gratitude to the wisdom of Indonesian craft heritage.

Each design of our products (artisanal jewelry, fashion & home accessories) have a representation of Indonesian, either from its rich botany archives, textiles, and natural material. Each product is designed with passion and created in collaboration with skilled artisans from the island of Bali, Kalimantan ( Borneo part of Indonesia), Sulawesi and Java.

The fundamental components selected are combination of Indonesia's handcrafted material such as the Kalimantan scarf, ikat woven fabric, batik fabric, terracotta, wooden beads, brass animal objects as well as abundant natural materials such as pearls, bamboo, wood, fibres from palm, agel , grass leaves. These components are infused together in a contemporary, edgy design.

Our terima kasih kemBali fashion accessories are sustainable handcrafted pieces for the art ( you can wear) lover - designed and handmade in Indonesia. Selected items are multipurpose, as fashion and home accessories.

We are humbled and grateful that despite the pandemic terima kasih kemBali have collaborated with Indonesia Pediatric Cancer society ( Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia) and continue to extend monthly cash donation a portion of sales  proceeds to Gama foundation ( foster homes for underpriviledge families).

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