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Dancing Yak Handicraft is based in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province in West China. To the North and the West of Chengdu are the Amdo and Kham Tibetan Communities that live in the high mountains and grasslands.

Our products are made of Tibetan materials only; mostly yak hair and sheep wool. We receive them from the nomad women who spin and weave it by hand. All are eco-friendly and chemical free made.

Dancing Yak Handicraft (DYH)  has a shop in Chengdu but also has a skills training center where Tibetans can be trained in sewing. DYH Provides the opportunity for women to learn a skill, where they will be fair paid. The program is specifically designed for disadvantaged Tibetan women who have little or no chance of making their own living. Many are single mothers, had no access to education and most have poor family conditions. The goal of DYH is to enable Tibetans learn a special skills in order for them to find or create employment for themselves after the training program is finished. These women can keep working from their homes for DYH after the training time is over or start up by themselfs. Any purchase goes back into the training center, to give more Tibetans a change to get a better platform for life. Thank you for supporting Dancing Yak Handicrafts.  

Extra: shippment fees via China Post are in the price included, express shipment will have additional fees applied

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