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SHOLAYERED is a fashionable Japanese fragrance line that was established in Tokyo in 2013 with a unique focus on fostering tranquility and a Zen mindset through the art of scent. The collection is built on clean, light, minimalistic scents that can be layered, transforming your fragrance journey, and enhancing the mood around your body.

SHOLAYERED was founded on three core values: clean ingredients, sustainable manufacturing, and Zen-inspiring scents.

The safety and environmental impact of using raw materials has been at the forefront of the brand’s philosophy since its establishment. SHOLAYERED creates products using high-quality materials that do not contain toxins, in turn promoting a healthy, beautiful lifestyle across the entire SHOLAYERED fragrance line.

Recommended Layering Combinations:

FRESH PEAR + SUGAR LYCHEE = Blending scents of fresh ripe pear with sweet lychee fruit invokes positive inner energy that sparks creativity and clarity within.

ORANGE BLOSSOM + OLIVE VODKA = The perfect fragrance cocktail, which mixes sweet, tangy notes of bitter orange with the alluring scent of confidence to attract the focus needed to take on the day.

LEMON PEEL + MYSTERIOUS MIX = A tranquil combination of fresh citrus notes and open, an enigmatic curiosity that calms the mind and prepares the body for inner peace and exploration.

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