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ixöq, a women owned social enterprise, works with women artisans of Guatemala to create unique, ethically made, fair trade goods. Each item is designed by ixöq and handcrafted by our artisan partners using sustainable sourced materials and traditional weaving methods.

ixöq means woman in the Mayan dialects, Kaqchikel and Tzutujil, and our focus is on supporting women artisans and highlighting their craft. We work together to create unique, sustainably sourced, handmade, fair trade bags, totes and decorative containers. The colorful, practical and durable items are crafted using cord made from locally sourced recycled plastic. Our mission is to honor the traditions of and provide support to women artisans of Guatemala through a partnership focused on the design, production and sale of fair trade goods. We stress collaboration, equity & sustainability, and strive to provide steady employment opportunities for the artisans.

ixöq's mission and values are centered on sustainable practices. The cord used in our cesta totes and boxi storage containers is locally sourced recycled plastic. The fabric we use is upcycled fabric (tela) woven using traditional jaspe (haspeh) thread. Tela is traditionally used as skirts for women in Mayan communities and repurposed for a variety of uses including our custom designed tote and container linings. 

In addition to using green materials we follow sustainable production processes. The cesta and boxi products are handwoven following traditional weaving practices. The molds are handmade by local carpenters. The artisans are able to work from home in order to balance their focus on work and family and all of our decisions and practices are made with the women, their families, and their community in mind. ixöq adheres to the principles of sustainable fashion, ecological design and sourcing, and ethical production. We follow a not-for-profit structure and our proceeds directly support the women, their communities, and their futures. 

All of this and our products are colorful, fun, durable and useful! 

Minimum order: $250 or 8-10 totes    /    Lead time: 6-8 weeks    /    All orders are single batch made to order

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