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About the position The Project Manager we are looking is responsible for making the project complete on time, at a gross profit, and with the required quality, attending to the established specifications. He must guarantee that the project objectives are achieved and that everyone on his team is performing their roles properly. Experience Represent the client within the organization to generate and maintain good levels of satisfaction and loyalty. Establishing the project objectives in agreement with the client, managing them and ensuring their fulfillment. Follow up the project management processes designed by the company, using the established tools, documenting and keeping all the information updated so that the client and the work team have all the necessary information for their best performance. Keep the project team and other Technisys and Client stakeholders informed of project status, progress, risks and projections. Identify and manage project risks. Ensure that the quality set for the project is defined and achieved. Manage the costs, so that they are in accordance with the budget. Report monthly to your superior(s) the overall status of actual and projected hours consumed to complete the project. Provide a summary of the overall project status (steering deck). Perform the evaluations of the staff in charge, providing feedback and following Human Capital guidelines and geography regarding communication and people management. What you'll do Measure and communicate the progress of each feature, so that it is aligned with the plan, alerting of possible risks and collaborating in the definition of actions to correct deviations. Verify that all identified dependencies and risks are being managed by each team. Responsible for coordinating the support between the different teams, defining the internal SLAs that allow meeting the agreed deadlines. Reporting to visualize the hours spent in the different categories within the team Conflict resolution internally on the team and with stakeholders. Priority validation and negotiation. Expectation management and planning Follow up on leadership team agreements Creates advance and team analysis reports for management, to support a decision process, or to discuss any required improvements to either the process or the team. Escalate issues, risks, and decisions to executive sponsors and program governance, as necessary Maintain program integrity and coherence
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