Healthycell Supplements Now Available at Akin's, Chamberlin's & Earth Origins Stores


PRNewswire -- Healthycell has launched its MICROGEL™ supplements in 20 stores across Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri in partnership with Healthy Edge Retail group that sources products for Akin's Natural Foods, Chamberlin's, and Earth Origins Market. Healthycell is a nutrition company helping people reach their potential through optimized health. It uses patent-pending, clinically proven MICROGEL™ technology to deliver nutrients people can absorb and results they can measure in a pill-free experience they love. Their ingestible gel dietary supplement products are taken straight from the gel pack, mixed into drinks, or blended into smoothies. "We're proud to be partnering with these top-tier natural product stores where people go to find the highest quality products and most educated staff to help them navigate through all the supplement options on the shelf, which can be overwhelming," said Healthycell Founder & CEO, Douglas Giampapa.

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