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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released voluntary short-term (2,5 year) sodium reduction guidelines for the food industry on October 14, 2021. The new guidelines include sodium reduction targets for 163 categories of commercially processed, packaged, and restaurant foods. The FDA aims to address the excessive intake of sodium among Americans and promote better public health. The new sodium reduction guidelines will affect food manufacturers, chain restaurants, and foodservice operators. According to the research cited by the CDC, 70 percent of the sodium consumed comes from processed and restaurant foods. Sodium listing on a food label "By reducing sodium in processed and ready-to-eat foods, manufacturers can do their part and contribute to solving the problem of heart-related and other health issues prevailing in the American society. Manufacturers can reduce sodium in existing formulations and maintain a familiar taste with a clean label ingredient statement. All it takes is replacing conventional salt with a natural, lower-sodium option, like a low sodium sea salt," says Joe O'Neill, VP of Sales and Business Development at A&B Ingredients. A&B Ingredients offers a clean label sodium-reduction solution that is beneficial to both manufacturers and consumers. Manufacturers who use the Two Seas Sea Salt®, offered by A&B Ingredients, can produce healthier food products with the same taste satisfaction while meeting the FDA's sodium reduction goals. Two Seas Sea Salt® line of clean-label low sodium sea salts offers up to 57 percent sodium reduction compared to regular salt. Based on a unique blend of natural salts harvested from the mineral-rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea, these salts are simply labeled "sea salt" for a clean label claim.

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