Your Salt Is Over 100 Years Old - Use This Instead!


Spicewell Salt and Pepper take a new functional turn: with 21 plant based vitamins and our ancient Ayurvedic formulas designed to help with inflammation (turmeric) and cortisol balance (ashwagandha) - catch up with us on the show floor!
Spicewell IncSpicewell is not just a food company, but a movement to take on Big Food and demand better for us and the earth products. Founded by tech industry veteran, Raina Kumra, after her family faced overlapping health challenges. She leaned on her Ayurvedic instincts to deploy the power of the pantry to integrate healthy, healing foods into every bite we eat. Spicewell is the world’s first nutrient dense, Ayurvedic salt and pepper. Made with vitamins derived from organic vegetables like kale, broccoli, cranberry and maitake mushrooms to name just a few - it delivers 10% of your daily vitamins in a half teaspoon serving size. The vitamins are heat resistant and excellent to cook or season with. Spicewell New Salt is 30% lower in sodium than regular salt and blended with Ashwagandha, an adaptogen which helps your body cope with stress. Spicewell New Pepper is blended with Turmeric, in a powerful ancient recipe known to help with inflammation and circulation. The products taste incredible, and can be used in place of regular salt and pepper daily. Spicewell is clean label, double lab tested for toxic heavy metals, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free. All Spicewell packaging is recycled or compostable. Spicewell is backed by expert advisors such as functional medicine expert Dr. Mark Hyman, Ann Veneman, of the USDA, Nestle and Unicef, Ayurvedic doctors and founders of FlyByJing, Isharya, and Essential Living Foods. Michelin starred and James Beard award winning chefs love our products and so will you!