Climate Day: From Human Wholeness to Systems Transformation - How We Can Create the Conditions for Personal and Planetary Regeneration

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Despite all we know about climate change, many companies are still at the starting gate from the perspective of taking action. From lack of clarity about what meaningful action looks like to immobilization due to overwhelm and stress, it is clear that to have impactful climate action people and organizations need tools AND support on creating the conditions for action. Lauren Yarmuth's work at the intersection of sustainability, health, and social justice points to a singular necessity; if we want to create the conditions for transformation we need to design the conditions within our organizations, teams, and relationships that promote human wholeness. She will be sharing her research, including most recently on behalf of Ashoka to reverse engineer the capacities that make up planetary changemakers. She will also be offering provocative questions and actionable considerations into how, amidst such rapid environmental change, burnout, disease, social fragmentation, and more; we can meaningfully shift ourselves and the lives around us. Lauren’s is a hopeful and grounded perspective into our personal interactions as a unit of change for building a better future for all.