What's Up with Upcycled Foods?!

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The upcycled food movement has seen a rapid increase in awareness across the food industry in the past two years and consumers, retailers, and the trade are taking notice. In 2021, Whole Foods Market named 'upcycled food' one of its Top 10 Trends and according to Mattson (2021), 57% of consumers indicated that they intend to specifically buy more upcycled food, while 54% indicated that the Upcycled Food Association certification logo increased their purchase intent.

The movement is rising, but food makers seeking to meet the surge in demand have more questions than answers. What is upcycling and why does it matter? Which product applications and food categories work? How will upcycled food innovation fit into my current brand and/or represent an opportunity for new extensions? How do I connect upcycled foods to my corporate sustainability initiatives and the priorities of our leadership and stakeholders? How will we communicate the story in a way that will resonate with our customers?

Don't miss this session and an opportunity to hear answers to these questions and learn how upcycling fits into your brand strategy.