Tin Star Foods


Bold Flavors, Cleaner Ingredients

We have evolved and so has our mission

When we started I Tin Star Foods I was in my 20s, working a great job in Los Angeles with access to every type of food I could dream of. It was a great time and place to start a food brand in the land of possibilities. At the time, it made sense to create a company rooted in providing only the most premium ingredients with transparency.

As I got older and started a family of my own, my collective experiences changed and I soon realized that there's a lot of space for a brand to live between foods choices that are low cost and the ultra premium.

What I started to understand intimately was how important it was to feel good about the types of foods we feed our kids while being budget conscious. Making better for you choices is possible because of privilege, financial resources and access can be so limiting in how we fill our pantries. We as food makers have a responsibility help bridge that gap. While we still care about bringing premium foods with transparency into your homes, it's more important to us that we do it affordably. So we're here, working every day to make sure that we're making convenient foods and doing our best to toss out the the junky ingredients, affordably.

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