HFactor water is the brainchild of Gail Levy, HyEdge’s Founder and CEO. Gail is a successful serial entrepreneur who was looking for a new product that could alleviate the toxic side effects of the cancer chemotherapeutic drugs that had riddled a dear friend, and she became more and more enthralled by the properties of hydrogen water the more intensely she delved into it.

Gail felt she could honor her friend by making hydrogen water immaculate, effective and accessible to everyone. Enlivened by this mission, she collected a team of experts to help her engineer the most natural process possible to combine hydrogen with water with zero impurities and optimal impact. In 2017 she launched her flagship product in retail and on ecommerce.

Renowned for her expertise in product development, sales, and brand marketing, Gail leads the team at HFactor. Gail is a successful entrepreneur in a wide range of industries, making her the perfect person to spearhead the growth of this company. Her passion and fundamental business acumen as a woman in power is a force to be reckoned with.

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Brand Manufacturer
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BIPOC OwnedSustainable PackagingWomen Owned
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Dairy-FreeGluten-FreeMade in the USA

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