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At Everyday Organics, we are dedicated to bringing you the simple yet natural taste of the organic garden. Our fruits, vegetables, beans, and seeds have been caringly grown, processed and packaged according to stringent principles of organic agriculture, allowing you experience nature’s harvests in its full glory.



At True Pure Labs, we want to inspire creativity in the health-minded chef and herbalist. Whatever you are creating your favorite culinary masterpiece to formulating your own tea blends, you can rely on our high quality, natural and organic single ingredient products to deliver exceptional taste and potency for your discriminating palate.



Garden Citi LLC is an organic bulk ingredients supplier and

contract manufacturer/grower for ingredient brokers, organic

processors and private label brands in the United States, Europe

and Australia. For more than 10 years we supply and deliver the

highest quality organic products ranging in pulses, kernels,

botanicals and fully processed and packed consumer foods that

meet our customer’s requirements.

Our mission is to help supply you with high quality NOP, EU,

COR certified ingredients and food products. We bring you

products from organic processor and farmers that withstood

the test of time. By working with Garden Citi you will receive

competitive pricing and comfort of knowing that deliverables

are to your expectations.

Founded in 2007, Garden Citi LLC has offices in Los Angeles, CA

and Shanghai, China.

Company Type
Brand Manufacturer
Company Attributes
100% Organic ProductsSome Organic Products
Category: Food
Pasta, Rice, Beans & Other GrainsSauces, Condiments, Dressings & Dips
Category: Vitamins, Supplements & Herbals
Herbal Singles & Formulas
Category: Business Services
Contract ManufacturingRetail/Distribution
Category: Raw Ingredients
Product Attributes/Trends
Allergen-FreeCertified Organic
Exhibitor Needs
Broker RepresentationContract Manufacturing & Product DevelopmentExpanded DistributionNew Distribution Partner

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