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Marimix Company, Inc.


A quinoa-sprinkled celebration of crave-worthy flavor and everyday fun, Marimix Crunch-Baked Snackmix redefines comfort-food nostalgia for a fresh generation of better-for-you snackers.

Our flagship collection of whole-grain snacks is 100% plant-based, gluten free and a good source of gut-friendly fiber. All Marimix recipes are crafted with clean-label ingredients that meet our strict standards for carefree everyday snacking: no transfats or partially hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, no pesky sugar alcohols and zero artificial anything.

From the sun-kissed Marimix kitchen in Orange, California, every batch of Crunch-Baked Snackmix starts with a medley of gluten free puffs, pillows and party-ready petite pretzels. Each piece is hugged in a delicate glaze, then tumbled in one of our house-blended, globally-inspired seasonings.

The Marimix tradition was sparked by founder Mari Fassett’s childhood love for throwing together simple but wildly irresistible combinations of whole-grain cereals and pantry staples. These snacks became such a calling card for friends and family during every gathering and holiday that Mari was inspired to share her mixes with the world. Marimix was officially founded in 1993, with Mari fresh out of college and full of entrepreneurial spirit. With no real knowledge of the food industry outside of all the reminders to “please bring Marimix” to every party, Mari grew the brand from her home kitchen. Through mail-order and organic word of mouth, Marimix eventually found itself on-shelf at Target and Nordstrom.

Over the next two decades, Mari married her college sweetheart, Scott, who still supports her pursuits and all her passions. The Fassett's welcomed three beautiful daughters, all budding into brilliant entrepreneurs in their own right. Marimix hummed along, making seasons bright, but nurturing a strong family became the focus.

In 2017, Mari survived a ruptured brain aneurysm, an event from which sadly 50% of people never recover. Weighing the facets of her life, Mari realized that the joy of bringing people together to savor old memories and create new ones was too fulfilling a purpose to leave behind. She dove back into Marimix with a full brand refresh; and doubled down on her mission: to reintroduce the Marimix experience in a way that was more clean, more inclusive and ever as craveable.

Mari is a 4th generation Japanese-American, and proud to lead a woman-owned business. The Marimix team is thrilled to share Crunch-Baked Snackmix with you and your customers!

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Gluten-FreeMade in the USAPlant-Based
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