BNutty Peanut Butter


Founded by two spunky soccer moms who were tired of watching their kids eat gas station junk food on the road to games, BNutty Nut Butters were created to be a gourmet tasting, unfussy snack that can easily be enjoyed by the whole family, no spreading or dipping required. Available in jar and pouch format, our nut butters are made to fit into any part of the day, with a variety of flavors to fit any preference. 

BNutty products are made with love in our 17,000 square foot production facility, known as “The Nuthouse.” We are a Women-Owned and MBE certified business, with a mission to not only serve delicious snacks, but serve our communities through student education programs, as well.  

BNutty's peanut butters are all made from honey-roasted peanuts without added oil or sugar. We create our delicious flavors by adding in bits of gourmet ingredients like Toffee and Milk Chocolate, Pretzels and White Chocolate, Whole Blueberries and Milk Chocolate or Salted Caramel. Every Flavor is Gluten-Free and Kosher.

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BIPOC OwnedWomen Owned
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Nut Butters & Jams
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