Andes Alimentos & Bebidas SAC


We are a peruvian company that has more than 11 years in the market attending customers in more than 30 Countries in the world. We are a producer, packer, distributor and exporter of Peruvian Superfoods (quinoa, chia, amaranth, etc) and beans (black eyed beans, broad beans, etc). We work with different presentations in foodservice and retail business. Find attached our brochure with all these details.

Company Type
Brand ManufacturerContract ManufacturerIngredient SupplierPackaging Supplier
Company Attributes
Some Organic Products
Category: Food
Pasta, Rice, Beans & Other Grains
Category: Raw Ingredients
Product Attributes/Trends
Certified OrganicGluten-Free
Exhibitor Needs
Expanded Distribution

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