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SpectraSpray Global


Oral Spray vitamins & supplements with 30 servings per tube. non-GMO ingredients with active forms of most vitamins. Vitamin D3, B12, D3 w/K2, Iron, Multi, Sleep, Stress, Immune support, Energy, Folate, Cal-Mag Herbal and Essential oil hand & surface sanitizers. Manufactured 'Cruelty-Free' in the USA. Most are Vegan. D3 are Vegetarian. Bariatric patient and Diabetic friendly. High absorption from emulsion formulas. Airline compliant. Lifestyle kits for family, travel, college & Immune health.
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Family OwnedMission-Driven BusinessSustainable PackagingWomen Owned
Category: Raw Ingredients
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Broker RepresentationInternational ExportInvestmentNew Distribution Partner

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