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Moon Cheese "cranks up the crunch" in 100% cheese crunchy ball-shaped pieces. 10g+ protein, no sugar and less than 2g of carbs in this tasty, shelf-stable, convenient snack available in 5 varieties. NEW for Expo West try Moon Cheese 100% Real Cheese Sticks! Available in the best-selling flavor profiles: Cheesy Does It, Rowdy Ranch, Yum Inferno, Kick It Up A Nacho and Wild White Chedda!

And for the perfect Keto Snack try our Protein Blitz Mix in two amazing flavor combinations of nuts & cheese.

Moon Cheese takes healthy snacking to the next level whether you're following a Keto diet, are gluten free or just want to eat cleaner.  Moon Cheese is a truly healthy snack that fits into busy lifestyles and tastes great!

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