Achim Madang Hongsam (Red Ginseng) is a specialized manufacturer of the Korean Red Ginseng. 

With passion and expertise, we're producing high-quality red ginseng products.

 We've been using fine-quality 6-year old ginseng root from our city, Guemsan, whose famous origin, and various medicinal herbs. Also, we're manufacturing red ginseng products with our unique know-how. 

As a result, Achimmadang Hongsam (Red ginseng) is one of Korea's best red ginseng products. 

Red Ginseng product is one of the favorite personal care items for immunity, metabolism, etc. 

We're exporting our products to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, U.S.A, etc. 

We also got Korea Halal Certification (KMF). 

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Brand Manufacturer
Category: Personal Care & Beauty
Personal Care & Hygiene
Category: Vitamins, Supplements & Herbals
Specialty Formulas
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Contract Manufacturing
Category: Raw Ingredients
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Main Exhibitor: Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation

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