Fine FT Co.,Ltd.


Fine FT Co.,Ltd. upholds the idea of “people are the future” as its management’s philosophy. Through ethical management based on respect for company members, we guarantee our products’ quality and work based on trust among companies. Founded in 2007, Fine FT Co.,Ltd. has manufactured hundreds of different raw material concentrates and extracts as powder products through spray drying techniques.

In addition, we conduct product development, OEM, and ODM in processing our brand, LIDAM. We recognize the needs of many food processing companies.

Recently, we have been focusing on red ginseng products and expanding our LIDAM

product line, which includes red ginseng liquid sticks, 100% red ginseng concentrated powder, herbal salt, honey citron tea powder, and strawberry and banana latte powder.

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Brand Manufacturer
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Family Owned
Category: Food
Category: Personal Care & Beauty
Category: Lifestyle/General Merchandise
Category: Raw Ingredients
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Main Exhibitor: Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation