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Crafted for SodaStream ... And National Distribution by SodaStream in the USA

NEXTY - Winner - Best New Organic Beverage 2021

Mouth-Wateringly Good, Wholesale Organic Soda Mixes and Kombucha Concentrates for SodaStream sparkling water makers 

Frustrated by a lack of innovation around soda beverages, Soda Press Co in 2014 formed a brains trust to create a premium organic Soda Mixes and Kombucha Concentrates as an innovative alternative with half the sugar! We went a step or two further so our products are plastic-free, part-recycled and totally recyclable. So not only are we helping to make beverages better, tastier and healthier for you, we're being kinder to the planet. 

We confess to being ‘OCD’ in everything we do. It’s what makes our product so spectacular. Our inspiration comes from the good old days, when foods and drinks were made solely with fresh, natural ingredients and with pride and integrity. We source premium, organic fruits and ingredients and apply the best of old and new innovations, to craft our range of certified organic soda mixes and kombucha concentrates. 

Nothing done by halves (unless it’s sugar)  

· Winner 2021 NEXTY Awards : Best New Organic Beverage 

. 2021 International SIP awards: Best in Class Platinum / 2 x Consumer Choice Award / Double Gold / Gold / Innovation Award

· Half the sugar of regular sodas   

· Certified Organic 

· Nothing artificial   

· Non-GMO   

· Vegan   

· No stevia   

· Gluten free

· Kosher

· Bottled in part-recycled glass   

· Plastic free, 50% recycled and 100% recyclable. 

 Soda Mixes

 At last, you can serve up and enjoy reduced sugar sodas, cocktails, popsicles and slushies with all-natural, organic soda syrups. You can even pour them over ice-cream or add them to recipes.   

· Old Fashioned Lemonade – The famous classic, with a twist. It’s citrusy, with a dash of blackcurrant and cranberry extract.   

· Raspberry & Mint – Luscious raspberry juiciness with the sassiness of mint. Summer vibes in a glass.   

· Classic Indian Tonic – A blend of uplifting botanicals and citrus, a touch of burnt bergamot peel and the natural bite of quinine, sourced from the Fever Tree. Winner at the 2018 International SIP Awards in Los Angeles.   

· Blueberry & Lime – Blueberry becomes an unlikely hero thanks to its partnership with zesty lime. Think crisp berry notes and a crisp tart finish.   

· Ginger Ale – The crisp, spicy taste of fresh ginger enhanced with vibrant citrus notes, all without the cloying over-sweetness of too much sugar. Winner of the Platinum award at the 2019 International SIP Awards in Los Angeles.   

· Pink Grapefruit – Treading a fine line between sweet and tart, aromatic pink grapefruit takes your tastebuds on a playful journey. Winner of the Platinum award at the 2018 International SIP Awards in Los Angeles.   

· Lemon, Lime & Bitters – The classic combo of ingredients with the perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness and zing. Winner at the 2020 International SIP Awards in Los Angeles.   

· Organic Cola – It’s cola without the dark side; low on caffeine and devoid of the acidity found in regular colas. Mix it with your favourite spirits or simply pour over ice.  


Soda Press Co soda mixes can be used with SodaStream to make sparkling beverages at home with half the sugar of regular syrups. Ideal for delicatessens, bottle shops, fine food halls, department stores, greengrocers, independent grocers, homewares outlets and electrical retailers.   

Foodservice and hospitality 

“We press. You pour.” We take all the complications out of crafting a lush, fruity beverage. Starting with the freshest, realest ingredients, omitting half the sugar of regular sodas and infusing each variant with carefully selected aromatics, every bottle contains magic waiting to happen. 

One bottle of syrup makes around 16 drinks. Your Mixologist will adore the versatility and selection of flavours. Rev up your beverages menu with new and exciting options including cocktails, mocktails and slushies. Choose Soda Press Co syrups for your mixed drinks. Your customers will notice the difference in quality, flavour and aroma.  

To find out more about Soda Press Co. or to place an order, contact us today. 


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