In today’s fast-paced world, CPG retailers and suppliers need to be closely coordinated to ensure that business runs at speed and scale. Data has to be ready at any time, and this means the need to communicate dynamically and efficiently about sales activities, inventory levels, promotions, pricing, discounting, category performance, and more. With Crisp, retailers and distributors share a live, real-time feed of sales and inventory data all in one place - keeping shelves stocked and customers happy. When we say Data Ready, this is what we mean.

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Service Provider
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Mission-Driven Business
Category: Food
Bread & Baked GoodsButter & Other DairyCereal & OatmealCheeseChips, Trail Mix & Salty SnacksCookies, Candy, Bars & SweetsCrackersDeli & Refrigerated PastaIce Cream & NoveltiesNut Butters & JamsPasta, Rice, Beans & Other GrainsSauces, Condiments, Dressings & DipsSeasoningsYogurt
Category: Personal Care & Beauty
CosmeticsHair CareOral CareOtherPersonal Care & Hygiene
Category: Lifestyle/General Merchandise
Pet Food, Wellness & Supplies
Category: Vitamins, Supplements & Herbals
Digestive SupplementsHerbal Singles & FormulasHomeopathics
Category: Business Services
Research/Data ServicesTechnology Services

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